10th Annual Short Track Shootout March 30th & 31st


Rule Notes: 

  • Tread tires only with RR Hoosier D50 or Burris/QRC 50 or 55 and RR must durometer a minimum of 50 at all times.
  • All event drivers are subject to Protest rules.
  • All Jr Clone classes will run Open Clutches and open Pipes.

Pre-Register Sign Up:

[contact-form to=\’kelley@kamkartway.com\’ subject=\’Short Track Shootout Pre-Registration\’][contact-field label=\’Driver%26#039;s Name\’ type=\’name\’ required=\’1\’/][contact-field label=\’Kart Number\’ type=\’text\’ required=\’1\’/][contact-field label=\’Race Class\’ type=\’select\’ required=\’1\’ options=\’Young Guns,Jr 1 Clone,Jr 2 Clone,Jr 3 Clone,Outlaw 125,Outlaw 250,Open Outlaw,Pro Clone,Yard Kart\’/][contact-field label=\’2nd Class (if applicable)\’ type=\’text\’/][contact-field label=\’Comment\’ type=\’textarea\’/][/contact-form]

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