2015 KAM Kartway Points Series Awards & Charity budget exceeds $20,000


As of today our total Awards Package budget for the 2015 Points Series is at $17,000!!!

This includes weekly awards and year-end prizes and awards for the banquet.  I am still working some leads on more prizes so keep your fingers crossed.  

If you want to help add to the bounty by donating or helping me get donations please let me know!!  The more the merrier and the happier our karters, families, teams and fans will be in the end.  

So far we have commitments for the following for the Points Series:

  • QRC Chassis frame & Dash for [icon name=\”money\” class=\”\”] Cash Pay-Outs (from KAM Motorsports),
  • [icon name=\”flag-checkered\” class=\”\”] 2 Outlaw Wings (from BillBilt Wings),
  • Outlaw Kart/Flat Kart Body Work,
  • Half off a Helmet (maybe 2),
  • [icon name=\”bicycle\” class=\”\”] Bike (from Autozone),
  • Free Pit Pass Raffles (various Class Sponsor give-backs)
  • Kart Suit  & Racing Shoes (from UltraShield/KAM),
  • Misc Parts & Products (from KAM, TexomaLube.com, and K1 RaceGear, & others), and
  • Lots of Burris Products (from our annual Spec Tire deal).

In addition we will offer a bunch of other cool things like Free Websites & hosting, Tech and Marketing Workshops, Wholesale pricing on KAM apparel (track t-shirts and hats), and other race promotion give-a-ways throughout the season.


\”Racing for a Cause\” is set to hit $3,000 this year!

That\’s right, we also have about $3,000 budgeted for our \”Racing for a Cause\” projects with our Cancer and Youth Ministry fundraisers & donations, and other Cause Awareness Promotions (based on what we were able to do in year\’s past with the help of our KAM Family this should be an easy target to reach). 

I would love to have your driver or race team partner with us on one of these events/promotions as part of your team\’s \”Racing for a Cause\” project.  NOTE: [icon name=\”bullhorn\” class=\”\”] Sponsors LOVE a race team that gives back to the community!!!!  It makes them look good too (to be sponsoring a driver who has a charity or cause associated with their racing). Some Drivers that come to mind as examples are Pierce Urbanosky and Michael Buck who both \”Race for a Cause\” – check out their Driver Profiles to see who they race for and for some inspiration on picking a charity for your own Team.


We are a racing family serving our family of racers, and we are so proud to be a part of your racing program. This is not just a slogan – it is our way of life. Thanks to all who continue to support us and KAM Kartway.  KAM would not exist without you, our Racing Families, AND the generosity of our backers, Sponsors & supporters – some of which are below. 


PS: We are still looking for a Title Sponsor for the points series so if you know of a company or if you are interested, please contact me at 817-300-5645 or by email at kelley@kamkartway.com.  There are some other budget areas that need supplemented and projects planned that need funding – and we still need all the support we can get for track operating expenses to keep the budget balanced and in the black. 


UPDATE: PXP Racewear has donated two Head Socks (1 adult and 1 youth) for a value of $80.00 & KAM donated $250 to Bryan Mize\’s family in August.

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