John Makula Memorial

Race Results for the John Makula Memorial held on Dec 6, 2014

Race Results for Dec 6, 2014 John Makula Memorial Hot Wheels Results 3.5 HP Results   Mackenzie MarquezNoah RowlandTatum BellRichard Zimmerman Pure Stock Gold Plate Shawn Marquez Joe ContenteShane MarquezShawn MarquezWes KnoxMegan MarquezMitchell MobleyKatie StephensonRichard Walp Animal Outlaw Shane MarquezJoe ContenteMitchell MobleySean Knox Pierce UrbanoskyBen SayeBrandon MatthewsCody Pound Jarod MarquezIsaiah Garcia DNS Adult Clone Jamie …

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John Makula Memorial Registration

  [contact-form][contact-field label=\’Name of Driver\’ type=\’name\’ required=\’1\’/][contact-field label=\’Email\’ type=\’email\’ required=\’1\’/][contact-field label=\’Class\’ type=\’text\’ required=\’1\’/][contact-field label=\’Kart Number *\’ type=\’text\’ required=\’1\’/][contact-field label=\’Age\’ type=\’text\’ required=\’1\’/][contact-field label=\’City %26amp; State\’ type=\’text\’ required=\’1\’/][contact-field label=\’Comment\’ type=\’textarea\’/][/contact-form] To enter a second class, please complete this process a second time. *Kart numbers will be assigned on a first come basis. If your kart number is …

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RACE POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER. Make up race date is Dec 6th.   November 22nd December 6th will mark the 9th Annual Event that honors the spirit of the “KAM Fam” –SPORTSMANSHIP -by paying tribute to the memory and legacy of our first “Patriarch”, John Makula. [tabs style=\”carbon\”][tab title=\”Classes\”]Hot Wheels 3.5 HP BeginnerPure StockAnimal Gold …

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KAM Announces Makula Memorial Race Sponsors

KAM Kartway would like to thank the following for their support! Skeen\’s Diesel Services Sunshield Common Sense Approach Key 2 Victory Cobb Racing Bridgeport Road Construction This is one of KAM\’s annual Big Shows so don\’t miss it.  Friday night practice and race event on Saturday.  Gates open at NOON Saturday!  

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