Results of Team Engine Tech

Results of Team #65 Engine Tech.

Full disclosure:  The call to impound and tech the #65 was 100% my initiative invoking rule number 6.1 as a result of a concern I heard last week and in direct response to public allegations made by Outlaw Karting of America and put the rumors to rest one way or another.  I approached the process with strict enforcement and quality control to protect the integrity of everyone involved, dispel rumors and (at the time) to report to OKA whether or not the motor was in compliance. In fact we momentarily stopped our race program to secure the motor in a measured effort to make sure that their kart/motor was under KAM official’s observation/control from the moment the kart reached the pit area after the feature race until it left the shop yesterday at 5:05pm in a box in a zillion pieces.

The findings:  Team #65 Motor was totally and completely LEGAL.

Pictures were taken at all angles at several different stages to document the process.

Sometime during the course of the 2 hours time frame this took  I got the “other side of the story” regarding a night earlier in the season when KAM pulled the 3.5 HP class for a surprise inspection tech This is when KAM (Mike) supposedly \”played favorites\” with the #65 because we didn\’t tear down their motor “all the way”.

  •   First of all there is no specific rule or regulation that dictates to what extent the tear down process will be and in fact Rule #6.1 under “Protest & Engine Tech Procedures” specifically clarifies that it is at the Race Director’s and/or Track Owner’s discretion as he or she sees fit.   To further explain, KAM is under no obligation nor is there a rule that dictates that every motor to tech’d on any given race day are to be done exactly the same.
  •   Secondly, unless the tear down is a result of an official protest or posted requirement for an event, the process and results are between the kart owner, motor technician and KAM officials.


Here is my opinion on the subject and supported by what I learned:

  •   Robert Saye has served as our Motor Technician at KAM Kartway from year one.  When I learned that Robert was the motor builder of the motor in question it became clear that any decision Mike made using the “as he sees fit” rule would have been fitting.  We have known him for over 10 years.  We trust Robert totally and completely, and therefore the “as he or she sees fit” portion of the official KAM Kartway rule would most fittingly apply if their motor was in fact handled differently.  I have NEVER heard a bad word said about him, and I hear ALL the rumors and gossip eventually. He is the most honorable, stand up man I know in the Karting industry and is the first race dad to offer another race dad help!  10 years of direct and personal knowledge of unwavering integrity, quality control, accountability, honesty and competent knowledge demonstration are all very sound and justifiable reasons to base a race call on.
  •   I was made aware by random small talk that the #65 kart owner, while exiting the back of the shop with his kart after tech, made the statements that included the phrases: “passed inspection… Boy I’m glad I didn’t have my good motor on tonight” and “I left it at home to rest”.  This was overheard by everyone in the back part of the shop because he was joking and trying to be funny as he passed the other dads waiting in line for their turn.  I couldn’t believe my ears!  I had to have the story repeated to make sure I heard it right.  I am 100% sure that this is where the so called “Cheater Motor” and that they “are Bragging about cheating” started!!!!!!   THIS IS EXACTLY HOW RUMORS GET STARTED and reputations damaged.

I’m sorry if a new race parents don’t like it, has a lingering doubt and/or continues to misguidedly continue to question a decision Mike made based on YEARS of experience, extensive race industry understanding and vast motorsports knowledge.  This is directed at no ONE person in particular, but is being addressed as a result of several causing UNWARRANTED DRAMA and everyone who needs to be educated on the process.  Have we lost racers based on calls like this….Yes.  We are running a type of customer service business and customers come and go in business – it’s just a fact.  We have also lost racers based on race calls, flag calls and the like.  That is as much a part of motorsports as “rubbing and racing” is.   Does it bother me….on a personal level it does!  I miss the kids whose parents won’t see past their stubborn pride to come back and race at KAM.  I’ve had people tell us at race events we see them at that “they miss us” and that “I need to eat crow” and so on.  Some come back and some don’t.  The ones that don’t are the ones that raised such a stink it would/ be too embarrassing to be seen supporting KAM.   That’s when I must force myself to remember the 80/20 rule of Business and let go of the 20% that leave because no matter what we do they won’t be happy, and focus my efforts on the 80% who truly deserve my attention.

I remember about 5 years ago his wife wanted to quit racing because their son\’s race program was suffering due to the amount of time Robert spent on helping other families with their motor work.  And I know we made her upset 100 times or more over the past 10 years when we asked him to tech a motor or two after a race because he never said NO, and she and their son sat and waited on him sometimes for hours.   **Note to self: send Monica a thank you card!!**

For enlightening purposes I want to also clarify that we discourage using the term “Cheater Motor” and do not give it much credence.   It is an out of date and out of touch and almost always misused phrase. To illustrate my point, there seems to be some confusion in the “rules” as to specific part and whether it may or may not be used.  I found that our policy is that said part is not only acceptable.  However, when I researched the history of the rule I found that the OKA website does not have our most current rules posted.  Confused, I went to my files and thumbed thru several different rule books as well as searching computer files and I found the actual copy that is almost word for word what is published on line at OKA and it came from our 2009 KAM Kartway Rule Book.  Regardless of the fact that OKA and KAM rules to match, an “Approved” or permitted part versus a part that is SPECIFICALLY not allowed does not, by definition, make a motor a “Cheater Motor”.   To avoid misunderstandings, hurt feelings or threat of slanderous comments in the future (and this goes for anyone reading this) please contact Kelley for any and all current and up-to-date text copy of policies, rules or operating procedures documentations.  I handle all of the business content editing and file storage of all of KAM’s business documents, marketing material, disclosure notices, and everything else that has to be uploaded, typed, formatted, emailed and/or printed for business use.

**Especially when the part in question does NOTHING to or for the output performance of the motor.    The term “cheater” is almost always directly tied to blatant and out-right jealousy with and when one driver is or has been more successful than another during the course of competition.  This time of year – the coming to the end of a points series – the term is greatly over-used and most often in and erroneous fashion.



9 thoughts on “Results of Team Engine Tech”

    1. No he doesn’t tech his own…. Mike does. Not everyone in karting uses him as a motor builder. Is that all you got from the post?

  1. We don’t have a dog in the hunt anymore, but we did pretty much from day 1 at KAM until 2 years ago. I can play “I remember when” with Kaley or Megan and win.

    First off, it’s called racing, not winning. Just like hunting & fishing is not shooting & catching.
    Second, if you are doing for any reason besides having fun and hanging out with your family & kid, you’re in trouble already. Learn from each other, learn to function as a unit no matter how mad/sad/glad or afraid you are and you family will be better for it. Make friends, lots of friends. Help each other out, share bad advice & good luck.
    If all you want to do is collect trophies and want everything to be “fair”, go play T–ball. Life, football and racing ain’t fair.
    Roush Racing , Stewart-Haas, NAPA – none of them will be there. Trust me. Oil Medics might, a scout for DGS might, but thats it. And if you’re complaining about cheaters they will keep walking.

    If you absolutely have to win….
    85% of the speed in a kart is in the chassis. The chassis is under the control of the driver. Seat time and setup will put you up front and keep you there easier than horsepower, and it’s what the sport is all about. 2% of eighty five is much easier to find than 2% of fifteen.
    I am still stunned at the amount of money dumped into graphics on karts that have never been scaled or setup properly. Saw it with my own eyes again last weekend over and over, from the 3.5 up to the Outlaws.
    I am in awe of the number of engines I see in trailers – and not a tach in sight, or clipboard to take notes with.
    The karts that never get unloaded during the week was obvious too. Races are won in the garage, we just go to the track to prove it.
    There are so few people at practice nights I quit going to help out.
    Hiring a coach runs about $200.00 a night. Figure 2-3 nights plus professional setup and I can almost guarantee a heat win at least and regular top 5 finishes. So skip the 4th spare motor and 600.00 wrap and spend some money where the real speed is. Seat time & setup.
    90% of the cheating is going on the back anyway. The winners know they are going to the barn so they will be legal. If you won’t protest it or claim it, shut up and get to work on your own program.

    1. Tom..Nobody could’ve said it more clear than that! We have the 87 & 88 Purestock. The 87 is a 14 year old PRC that was born a flat kart and is still winning races against these brand new qrc;s. I like your quote “Races are won in the garage,we just go to the track to prove it” I takes a lot of hard work to make it happen week in and week out. We get beat but we go home and try something else. Its just a game for us.

  2. Will you be posting the results of the fuel test from the #88 to disprove OKA’s allegations also? Since the fuel was sent off for testing, a PDF should be available with the chemical break down.

    1. There are no results from any fuel test since a fuel test was never done. OKA posted an apology and reversed the penalties after I publicly protested their allegations on KAM Kartway’s FB page.

      The track provided the fuel for the class at the last two races…. 88’s results speak for itself.

  3. One thing to remember is no 2 chassis are the same setup. Quit trying to ask people what there setup is and start setting up YOUR chassis to YOUR driver. Theres no other child going to drive the same way as your kid does, setup your kart to your child and your child only! We race 2 Vector VR1 cage karts built out of Missouri and they setup tottaly diffrent from each other even though they were built by same person. They biggest things you can do is work on these things:
    Most important is to HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are not having fun, take a break and go fishing!
    1. Driving the correct line and being repetitive
    2. Seat time
    3. Setup, Setup, Setup
    4. Whens the last time you put a NEW set of tires on?
    5. maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, maintenance!!!!!!! Get your kart ready at home so you can have fun and race at track!
    6.Clean your carb and adjust valves as needed. This new 10% methanol in fuel is hell on carbs so keep them clean.

    I have my boys go watch the adult flat karts and tell them to watch the leaders and see what line there taking and when to enter the corner and exit the corner.
    Its not the motor that wins races, its the total package working together. 70% setup, 20%driver, 10% motor. We dont win or run up front all the time but we have a blast trying. My #00 vector has never won but he comes off the track smiling and ready to try again. HAVE FUN people enjoy the time with your kids, there only young once! If i can help anyone out, let me know what you need and i will help yall any way i can.

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