Racing for a Cause: K&K Yellow Ribbon Race Sept 12th


Kaley\’s main two \”Racing for a Cause\” are Anti-Bullying and Suicide Prevention Awareness – often going hand in hand with Bullying among young people causing kids, teens and young adults to take their lives. This cause is so near and dear to her heart that she sponsors a \”Yellow Ribbon\” race at KAM Kartway each year to bring awareness to this serious tragedy that suicide is.  It is one of the leading causes of death among young people today.

Kaley Sponsors this race around World Suicide Prevention Day which is 9-10-15 this year.  Her goal is to make people aware of this epidemic and she wants you to know the signs. You can learn more about helping prevent suicide by going to this website.  ( is also partnering with Take 5 To Save Lives and are encouraging everyone to take a pledge to help by joining the Facebook event.  Here is more information on how to join the Take 5 Pledge! By being a part of this virtual Facebook event you are pledging to \”Take 5 to Save Lives\” on World Suicide Prevention Day- September 10, 2015.

Go to to learn 5 simple ways YOU can be a part of the suicide prevention movement.

  1. Learn the Signs
    2. Join the Movement
    3. Spread the Word
    4. Support a Friend
    5. Reach Out.

More information can also be found at

Check Kaley\’s website also for information on her \”Racing for a Cause\” or K&K Race Services at

You can follow Kaley on Facebook at /KaleyEngstromRacing on Twitter @kaleymichelle61 and on Instagram @kaleyengstrom61. For more information on KAM\’s \”Racing for a Cause\” movement that encourages racers to find a cause or charity to support and make it a part of their race program, check out our page here.

Our next Racing for a Cause event is Points Race # 21 for our \”Pink Ribbon Race\” that supports Cancer Awareness and features Michael Buck\’s Charity \”Women Rock\” as well as KAM Kartway\’s \”Racing 2 Cure\”.


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