Life was a Beach at the races and here are the results from 7-12-14

What a fun night at KAM Kartway

With the Life\’s A Beach theme, Hool-a-hoop contest and superb racing action from our KAM Drivers how could you not have a great time!

The kart count was a little lighter than usual with so many families on vacation this week and I hate that they missed out on one of the toughest competitions we have had all year – the Hool-A-Hoop Contest. We even had some Crew Chiefs get in on the action after about a couple dozen little ones darn near wore themselves out in the hoop off. Well the final two standing were Emmerson Hays and Tori Tyer, and it was Ms. E who wiggled her way to the very end – then had to show off for about another 10 minutes as she kept that hoop effortlessly hovering around her tiny little hips – SHOW OFF.


And if there’s anyone who loves the themes we do it’s the Pierce family! I asked for ya’ll to come in your Beach Attire and they did just that! How fun!



Custom Powder Coating Hot Wheels 1st Place – Lucas Ramirez 2nd Place – Noah Rowland 3rd Place – Jacob Ramirez

Splash Haven Pools 3.5 HP 1st Place – Kameron Williams 2nd Place – Tori Tyer 3rd Place – Landon Bellows 4th Place – Aidan Setmire

The Oil Medics Pure Stock 1st Place – Shawn Marquez 2nd Place – Cross Jones 3rd Place – Jeremy Walker 4th Place – Zoie Pierce 5th Place – Landen Zakalowski 6th Place – Louis Setmire 7th Place – Katie Stephenson 8th Place – Nathan CiscoKatie Stephenson 9th Place – Hailey Cisco (1st KAM Race!) 10th Place – Case Harris

NEW SPONSOR!! Challenge Accepted Motorsports Gold Plate 1st Place – Mitchell Mobley (Birthday Boy) 2nd Place – Katelyn Dixon 3rd Place – Ayden Rogers 4th Place – Ryan Begando 5th Place – Sean Knox 6th Place – Wes Knox

Midwest Winter Racing Series Animal 1st Place – Tucker Perry 2nd Place – Collin Montgomery 3rd Place – Cody Pound 4th Place – Connor Montgomery

Pro Tech Outlaw 250 1st Place – Jett Hays 2nd Place – Pierce Urbanosky 3rd Place – Colton Pardue 4th Place – Collin Montgomery 5th Place – Austin Harris 6th Place – Jake Copeland DNS – William Sutton DNS – Ben Saye

Country Time Vapor Clone 1st Place – Jaimie Benke 2nd Place – Derrike Pennington (who won first race in Heat #1) 3rd Place – Marc Valesquez 4th Place – Charles Pou DNS – Matt Valezquez

MB Motorsports Adult Animal 1st Place – Darren Ellis 2nd Place – Bart Adams 3rd Place – Matt Drotz 4th Place – Curtis Pierce 5th Place – Bob Petell 6th Place – Will Bennett

Great night with great racing.  I also want to thank Michelle Bourland for helping me score the races!

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