Manners equals \”Marketability\” so make sure your driver has them!

25 Manners… by Parents Magazine

Good manners are also a key element to good Sportsmanship and every driver needs them.

I found this article on a friend of a friend\’s blog and with permission to share and repost I decided to do so because over half of our core KAM Kartway customers are drivers in this age range and the other half are the adults in their lives that need to make sure these qualities exist in them.

Here are the \”25 Manners Every Kid needs by Age 9\”:

\"25 \"25 Not only is it necessary that kids have good manners as well as a basic parental obligation to make sure that they do, it is critical for young racers to have them if you want any hope of sponsorship opportunities for them and your race team! 

Don\’t forget that this includes their social media channels too….and yes (race) parents you must monitor them.  You may disagree with me (and I know several who have in the past and some still may), but I have seen sponsorship dollars pulled from team budgets because of careless, rude or insensitive status updates from kids.  Parents who chalk it up to “kids will be kids” or “I want to respect my child\’s privacy” are the team owners who will not have sponsors with drivers whose marketing partners do not renew with them – mark my words.

This isn\’t just for the younger kids either!  Make sure your driver, regardless of their age, has good manners at all times. Let\’s make our \”25 list\” specific for race drivers…..who wants to add one? Post it in the comment section below.  (I do have several who currently do #20 before, during and after races, but J.C. Haddock comes to mind because it seems like he was always there to offer help when I was the only one left on the score stand at the end of the night gathering all my supplies to carry back to the shop.)

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