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KAM Kartway Rules Series | Flags & Race Calls

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  • Blue & Orange flag: This is one of the flags that novice and slower racers may see more often. It means that you need to allow the person behind you to safely pass you. If you are shown this flag, yield the racing line to the faster go karts that are approaching. It\’s important to keep an eye out and be cautious as to not cause an accident.
  • Black flag: If you see this flag it is mostly because you are driving in a reckless manner. You must immediately discontinue the unsafe driving. (Please see below 2.3.6 rule for more information.)
  • Green flag: Used to signal the start of a race.
  • Yellow flag: Signals a warning or caution. In a race situation it usually indicates that there has been an accident or spin out. Drivers must slow down and approach with caution to pass the go karts that may be stopped on the track. No overtaking is permitted on a caution flag.
  • Red flag: The race has stopped because of a potential emergency on the track. Stop immediately.
  • Checkered flag: Signals the end of the race, practice or qualifying session.

[sectionheading class=\”yourcustomclass\”]Here are the KAM Kartway Flag rules[/sectionheading]

2.3       Flags & Race Calls 

It is the job of the Flagman to relay information regarding the status of the race to the drivers by waving the various flags, and thus the drivers job to observe them.

2.3.1    Checkered Flag- the race is finished.  After passing the checkered flag the driver must slow to a moderate pace for exiting the track.  If called to weigh, proceed slowly to the scale and/or post tech area.

2.3.2    White Flag – one lap to go in the race. If there is a wreck after the white flag and the karts are safe, the race will finish. The flagman may waive the Yellow AND Checkered Flag together.

2.3.3    Red Flag – Stop immediately the race has been (in most cases) temporarily halted.

  • After slowing to safe stop, drivers will be instructed to proceed safely to turn 4. When directed, one team member may enter the track to re-start their driver’s kart.  You may not make adjustments to the kart and will only be permitted to restart the motor.
  • If the red flag occurs at or prior to the halfway point, the race may be started.  Restarts will be in the same order as the last completed and scored green flag lap prior to the red flag.
  • If the red flag occurs after the halfway point, the race may be scored as a completed race and the results will reflect the last completed green flag lap. Karts involved in the red flag incident will be scored at the rear of the field.  The officials will make every effort for the event to finish under green flag conditions; however time and other conditions may require the race to be scored as completed.  The Race Director will decide if your kart can restart the event.
  • Any kart or driver flipping over (turning over) causing a red flag will be allowed to restart with permission from the Race Director or the Emergency Medical’s Personnel’s approval.

2.3.4    Yellow Flag

  • There is danger on the course and there is a need for caution.  When a yellow flag is displayed anywhere on the track, it signifies a full course caution.
  • Slow down and DO NOT RACE TO THE FINISH LINE ON A YELLOW FLAG.  There is no passing under yellow flag.
  • Karts causing the caution and/or stopped on the track will restart in the rear but before lapped karts.  “Lucky-Dog” rule applies and lapped karts will be restarting on the lead lap.
  • Restart line ups are based on the last completed lap and scored green lap.

2.3.5        Green Flag – Start – the course is clear.

2.3.6        Black Flag  and “Rolled” Black Flag

Rolled and pointed means a “Warning” about driver conduct.

Waved (open) Black Flag: Driver must exit the track immediately because you have been disqualified for a driving infraction, unsportsmanlike conduct, unsafe equipment or loss of safety apparel. If a participant ignores the black flag along they are subject to disqualification for the event and no points will be given.

2.3.7        Blue Flag with Yellow Stripe: (not often used but all drivers should know its meaning) a lapping kart is attempting to pass cars, give them consideration.  If driver refuses to allow the faster kart to pass they are subject to getting a Black Flag.

2.3.8        If a caution is required on the last lap the restart may be Green-White-Checker or Green/White then Checker.  The Flag Man will make that call based on conditions, understanding/skill of class and/or time limits.

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