We\’re Hiring! Come join our Pit Crew

Join our Pit Crew!

Track 50/50 Ticket Sales Goddess 

Are you a wiz at getting people to say “yes” and have no remorse for encouraging a habit forming addiction of gambling? Can you sell Ice to Eskimos? I am looking for – okay, I am desperately seeking someone – to spend a couple of hours hawking 50/50 tickets (proceeds go to the Awards Fund!!) during our KAM Kartway Race events.

In return you will get a BIG THANK YOU from me AND a FREE Pit Pass for each race you work?

Score Keeper Assistant

Sure I may make it look easy…..but this job requires fast thinking, a sharp eye, the ability to perform 3 to 5 tasks at the same time (Multitasking is an understatement) and be skilled at tuning out ‘bat-feces’ crazy parents when they come up to yell at you about a call that you didn’t even make. But that last part only happens when there is a full moon.

[Bonus skill:  prevent me from getting that crazy looking glazed evil-eye condition that is common when one is getting dirt flung at them in triple digit weather for hours – with the occasional pelting of mud clods from the Outlaws – and, okay –  is pretty ‘bat-feces’ crazy herself.]

Requirements include:

  • Accurately – and unbiased – recording all laps during the heats and feature races
  • Calculating heat points to determine feature line-up
  • Determining re-start lineups after cautions and communicating this to Flagman and/or drivers
  • Writing line ups on the pit board
  • Calling up classes to the grid
  • Making announcements on the PA system
  • Handing out Heat stickers at intermission
  • Presenting awards at the end of each feature race
  • Recording the race finishes
  • And a full understanding of the KAM Kartway Rules and policies

Compensation to include Free Pit Pass along with a flat rate pay of $40. *Oh, and a $5 Concession Credit for each race event! Can you say “Walking Taco please”…..


Marketing & Social Media Assistant Extraordinaire

Looking for part-time help in the office and on the internet. This person needs to be a master communicator (Phone, email, text, chat/forum, Blogs, etc.), have an eye for detail and must know how to spell (because I can’t!). Do you have creative exhaust radiating from your pores? Do you have love affair with technology that is founded on a deep mutual respect? Do you have a flair for turning boring into awesome – and by that I mean turn a boring PR post into a tremendously spectacular Race Report for the KAM Blog?

This person should have a knowledge of racing (preferably dirt track, and more specifically Karts, Micro or Sprint cars), a passion for helping others attain their goals and a desire to entertain the masses. Good Problem Solving skills, knowledge of Microsoft Office software programs (Word, Excel, etc.) and a general understanding of either Word Press or HTML (for web page updates, blog posts, uploading pictures – that kind of thing).

Other tasks will include:

  • Interviewing drivers for Driver Bios on the website and for Featured Driver Blog posts
  • Shooting and editing video footage for Video Marketing, video blogs, tutorials, etc.
  • Checking, filtering, replying to emails, online comments, and Facebook messages
  • Checking daily order status, printing invoices and/or packing slips from online store
  • Write content copy for the KAM Motorsports websites (blogs, product descriptions, product reviews, and other motorsports related posts)
  • Help with organizing, planning & implementing special event Promotions at KAM Kartway
  • Assist with data entry for record keeping (customers, racers, results, reports, bookkeeping)

Sounds like a lot, but I just really need someone to help with the load so I don’t turn into a basket case….okay that maybe too late – but the hours are flexible and some tasks/jobs can be done from your home! Right now I have a budget of $10/hour and approximately 20 hours a week.

High Power Sales Maven

This is a part time (but hours would vary) work from home position with flexible hours and is commission only. We are looking for a Sales Associate to sell billboard advertising on the highway and track, sell website banner ads and specialty ad displays as negotiated, and to help sell Paid Track Sponsorship/Marketing Packages for the annual points series, Class sponsorships, special event race events, etc. You will need to understand the KAM brand and how we present our company, products, services and racers on the web, at the shop and during race programs.

This position requires

  • Excellent communication skills (both spoken & written),
  • Use of personal internet and smart phone devices to communicate with prospective and current Marketing Partners, advertisers & Sponsors,
  • Brilliant negation skills required to close the sale
  • Experience in lead development with good & effective follow-up know-how.

Commission rates will vary on the package sold and can be negotiated on a case by case basis.


If you are interested in any of these job opportunities please contact Kelley Engstrom at kelley@kamkartway.com. Please include a resume or letter of interest indicating the position you are applying for. For volunteer jobs at KAM Kartway [and there are several opportunities to help from writing blog posts about product reviews, driver interviews, race results, and Social Media marketing to 50/50 Ticket job listed above!] please either email me or send a text with your name and how you would like to help to 817-300-5645.



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