How to set up a Twitter account


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You may already have a Twitter account for your personal use, but like the Facebook Fan Page we created for your driver, a separate Driver/Race Team Twitter account should be created. Remember the reason is create Driver Branding and to be uniform across all social media platforms. Your Twitter app on your smart phone will let you go back and forth between the two accounts without having to log out and sign back in as the other user. So the extra effort is minimal and the payoff for Driver Marketing is too big not to create a Branded Twitter account.


So go to and click sign up then create your account. Remember to use the same or similar account name that you used for Facebook and Instagram. As I’ve mentioned before, your Brand across all platforms should represent the driver’s race team with an identifiable name (their name is always a best choice pick if it’s available) and should be searchable. Social Media channels, like Twitter, will use your account name to create a custom URL. Having these different Social Media channels with the same name, like XYZ Racing, is easy for fans to remember and easier for you to keep track of. You can use one @(name) handle reference for all your channels instead of listing each platform or URL address separately because each one has a different user name. This is the case that I find myself in with Kaley since she created several accounts on her own and before I understood the importance from a marketing perspective. So this advice is best business practice but it is also from personal experience of not having done it right from the start.  PRO-TIP: even if you don\’t plan on using the Twitter account now, go ahead and sign up so you can secure the name you want before someone else gets it!!

Twitter will go through a series of pop up pages to complete your sign up, like ask you for your phone number, ask you what you are interested in, etc.


Once your account is created, personalize it like you did your other social media accounts. It’s best to use the same profile image or team logo but your cover image can, and will need to be something different from the other accounts since all the platforms have different size cover images that makes it difficult to use the same image. I’m okay with that and taking creative license with creating different custom cover images. But not too different, this is still your driver’s Brand and must reflect his racing. So, using pictures of him in his kart or a Winner’s Circle group shot, even a candid shot taken at the track with other racers is fine as long as it’s a good clear image and the “story” speaks to his racing, which again we want to Brand.



Create a bio that tells people who the driver is and include a link to his website. Best practice is to be humble and don’t use descriptions like “the most winning driver” or “Future NASCAR driver” or anything along those lines. I know you are excited about his racing and the prospects of where and how far he can go in the sport, but don’t be presumptive because it will turn people off. Use your team’s hashtag if you’ve created one or use #Outlawkart to distinguish his style of racing as this is a searchable keyword and could get him found easier by race enthusiasts. You only have 160 characters anyway, so it has to be short and sweet.



  • Now create your first Tweet. You only have 140 characters per tweet so using standard abbreviations and shorter url links is best. Also using hashtags to create content is also standard.  
  • Next, start following people.  Start with @KAMKartway! Use our list of followers as a guideline of people to follow yourself. Remember this is public so don’t follow questionable or negative accounts that could put your driver in a bad light by association.  I suggest that you follow race car drivers across all platforms and levels of racing. Follow Team Owners and up and coming drivers you read about. Tweet them positive messages as a fan yourself or let them know that you consider them a role model for your young driver. This is the best way to get re-tweets and new followers and generate interest in your driver’s racing.
  • Finally, include a Twitter feed on your website and embed it to the home page, preferably in the side bar at mid-section or near the top. You want to do this to promote the account and add content to your website since this is usually the first place a new fan will go to get information on your driver’s race team. Having a Twitter feed on the home page encourages people to follow right from the page.  PRO-TIP: Since the feed usually shows the most recent Tweets posted, make sure your account doesn’t go “Stale” and if you are re-tweeting other’s content make sure it is not in bad taste or questionable since it will be front and center on your website, even if for a short time until you tweet some more posts. If you must post a controversial item or engage in a political debate sound-off, save that for your personal account. But, I would start limiting those as well since your actions and attitude is reflected directly onto your driver’s reputation, and yes Brand.

Now to be honest, Twitter is the not my priority or going to increase your fan base by leaps and bounds because, quite frankly it is just not used at our level of racing by our racing community. It is still important and it is used by NASCAR drivers, sponsors, team owners and top level drivers and development teams – so don’t dismiss it all together. It has potential to pay off in a big way. Just be patient and be consistent. Again, at the very least sign up to secure your User Name!!

One more piece of advice about Twitter. Do not let your child create a 2nd account for personal use. This will be confusing to fans and followers and give the appearance of “something to hide”. It will not be kept private, as they would like to believe and a potential sponsor will find it questionable as to why this driver has two Twitter accounts. It appears that he must have two different personas and the racing one must be for show. People will seek out the other one just to see what he is “hiding” and in general gives off a less than honest feeling or hints at impropriety. Kids just have to accept that they are racers and if they want to become professional one day they must stay above reproach and that means they can’t have the “normal” kid social media that their friends at school have. I mean have you seen some of the things that kids today post? It’s childish, immature, mean and vulgar and sometimes just wildly inappropriate.

Once you have set up your Twitter account, let me know so I can help you promote it and also start following you!!  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.  Start or Join the Conversation today.


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