How to Create your Race Team\’s YouTube Channel

How to Create a YouTube Channel

First you have to have a Google account.  If you don’t have this head over to Google to create yours.  When you do this it gives you the option to create a new gmail email account, but you can use your own email if you already have one. 

Next head over to and “Sign In”.  Your Google account is also your YouTube account (“One account, All of Google”) so you will be signing in using your Google credentials.


Click “My Channel” and since you don’t already have one, a window will pop up to create one.  Remember to “Brand” your channel and name it the same, or similar, to your Facebook Fan Page (ie: your driver’s Team Name).  Click the link at the bottom of the pop up window “Use a business or other name”.


Your Channel has now been created.   Now you need to personalize it with your driver’s Branding. 

  1. Add a Channel description – follow your Facebook page “About” copy, or simply “Official YouTube Channel for XYZ Racing”. Put a link to your website here too. 
  2. Add a profile picture
  3. Add Channel Art


A note about adding Channel Art.  Make sure you use a good quality picture for your cover image, aka Channel Art.  It should mirror your Facebook Fan Page for Branding purposes.  Since they require such a large image it is best to create one using where you can customize the image and even use several smaller images and text to create the perfect Channel Art for your YouTube page.  If you need help with this, please ask – I love creating custom cover images for Social Media accounts!   I will even share a KAM image with you.

Because only a portion of the actual image is visible on the user’s device, using a team logo or general racing picture showing race action sends the best Branding message.


Now start uploading your videos!


Use the up arrow icon at the top right of the page to start the upload process.

A new window will pop up when you hit the Upload button.  Here it will show you the progress bar and gives you the opportunity to personalize the video with a Title, Description and Tags.


Make sure the video is “Public” so people will be able to find and view it.  Also, you can share it on other Social Media channels if they are tied to your account.  You can also add the video to your “Playlist” by clicking on that link.

After the video is done uploading, click the “Publish” button and you’re done.  Easy, peasy. 

Now you can share it on social media or embed it to your website with the different links and settings that is offered after video is published. 


Be sure to subscribe to our Channel!  Another good channel to subscribe to and use as inspiration is Jettman Racing.  A good Motorsports marketing Channel to subscribe to is Marketing at Full Speed.

This blog post is part of my Driver Branding series.  Next up, How to Create Team Videos (aka: Video Marketing).

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