FAQ: What are the penalties if someone breaks a rule(s)?

FAQ: What are the penalties if someone breaks a rule(s)?

Answer: That depends on the rule that has been broken and/or to which the severity of the offense has taken place.  The penalties can be a DQ (driver disqualify) which usually results in loss of points for that race, a race suspension or a complete ban from the track.  Other penalties for on-track indiscretions may include being docked a position (or two), kart being sent to the back of the line (lead lap line before lapped karts if applicable) on re-starts, or starting line-up changes after two or more attempts at a clean start.  (See rules for more clarity if needed.)


  1. As a rule of thumb for our Youth Drivers – if a parent is suspended, that does not always mean that the driver is.  We take our Youth Racing program very serious at KAM Kartway, and Driver Development is a huge part of our that.  We feel that it is not fair to penalize a child for their parent\’s mistake, in most cases. 
  2. Under the law a business may refuse the right to service (suspending or banning them in our case) if (a) \”a customer has been, or is being disruptive\” and/or (b) \”a customer harasses your employee or other customers\” to name a few reasons that may be applicable. 
  3. KAM does not discriminate against anyone (nor \’plays favorites\’).  We are an Equal Opportunity Racing Establishment.

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