2013 KAM Champions are Crowned


KAM Carnival Huge Success as 2013 KAM Champions are crowned

The weather was perfect for the KAM Carnival as we used the event to announce the 2013 KAM Award winners and passed out those huge, shiny gold Championship Cups.  It\’s always exciting when it comes to the awards, but Kathy \”Booga\” had \’em lined up wanting to participate in the Cake Walk – maybe because she made them race around forward and backwards.  These kids just love to race no matter what.

Because I can\’t keep a secret and already announced it several months back, we know that Ty Rodriguez won Rookie of the Year.  At least he was surprised when he received his Burris Racing Jacket.  My favorite category was kept under wraps (*patting myself on back) until the party when we were finally able to announce the Saye Family as our 2013 KAM Family of the Year.  Congratulations Monica, Robert and Ben.  I actually think it was Monica who coined the \”KAM Fam\” term years ago.  We\’ve have gotten to watch Ben grow up over the years – and grow – and grow. It\’s so hard to believe that his first year at KAM was in the 3.5hp class.  Ben we are so proud of you and you have been such an amazing role model and mentor to the younger kart drivers over the past several years.  And I personally don\’t think KAM would have made it this long or strong if it were not for the Robert and his superior technical knowledge and loyalty since we hit the ground running back in 2004.

The other special award winners were:
Pit Dad – Jeff Davis
Pit Mom – Lee Ann Mobely
Pit Crew – The Marquez
Best Overall Driver – Sammy Davis
Best Sportsman – Joe Contente
Track VIPs: Vance Urbanosky, Mark Skeen, Dale Komarek (Keweit), Cheneya Cruze and Cheryl Piper for your generosity, time and dedication to the track.

Special thanks to Craig and Yalonda Rennie with CR Pics, our track photographer at KAM for taking such fun and amazing pictures at the Carnival. Your talents, friendship and fellowship is very much appreciated.  If you haven\’t checked the KAM Facebook page, Craig posted a not to the KAM Fam: all the pics are uploaded to his website as usual, and he offered them to us for FREE!  Craig – you have truly been a Godsend to KAM.  I know from years of racing as my family sport that pictures from the \”official track photographer\” are by far better than anything a race parent can usually produce.  Being preoccupied with excitement, jumping up and down, cheering a driver on tends to get in the way of trying to focus on that same \’subject\’ thru a lens viewer as they fly by going 30 mph. Also if you have not yet \”Liked\” his Facebook page you can go here and be his \”FAN\”.


Thanks to everyone who helped with the Carnival, especially Chery Piper for heading up the Awards Committee and planing the entire event!

Here is a recap of the 2013 Champions
Hot Wheels ~ Class Champion ~ Tori Tyer
2nd Place Megan Marquez
3rd Place Payton Palanza
4th Place Case Harris
5th Place Tori Bennett

3.5 HP ~ Class Champion ~ Austin Piper
2nd Place – Jacob Skeen
3rd Place – Haley Gary
4th Place – Landen Zakalowski
5th Place – Westin Palanza

Pure Stock ~ Class Champion ~ Connor Montgomery
2nd Place – Zoie Pierce
3rd Place – Mitchell Mobley
4th Place – Ty Cruze
5th Place – Ayden Rogers
6th Place – Sean Knox
7th Place – Jeremy Walker
8th Place – Wes Knox
9th Place – Joe Contente
10th Place – Travis Miller
11th Place – Michael Buck

Animal Gold Plate ~ Class Champion ~ Shane Marquez
2nd Place – Ty Rodriquez
3rd Place – Austin Harris
4th Place – Collin Montgomery
5th Place – Ryan Begando

Animal ~ Class Champion ~ Sammy Davis
2nd Place – JC Haddock
3rd Place – Collin Montgomery
4th Place – Tucker Perry
5th Place – Cody Pound

Outlaw 250 ~ Class Champion ~ Drew Komarek
2nd Place – Pierce Urbanosky
3rd Place – Ben Saye
4th Place – Sarah Walls
5th Place – Jett Hays

Adult Clone ~ Class Champion ~ Perry Cummings
2nd Place – Jamie Benke
3rd Place – Charles Pou
4th Place – Bob Petell
5th Place – Jason Tyer

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