Beginner\’s Guide: Kart Numbers for Outlaw Kart Racing

Choosing your Outlaw Kart racing number

Picking a race number may be as simple as letting your kid chose the first number that pops into their head or the number of your NASCAR idol, or as traditional as running Dad\’s old race number from back in the day.

Our daughter Kaley’s first number was “6”. She chose it because she was six when she started racing. Easy enough. When she crossed over to dirt and letters were commonly included she added the letter K. She ran “6k” for a number of years. She changed her number to 61 when she moved to Sprint Cars to honor her grandfather and Uncle who ran that number, as did Mike back in his kart days….family tradition.

Numbers are to be pre-approved by the track as duplicate numbers are not permitted. A letter may be added to the end of a number if your kid’s heart is set on a specific number and that number is already taken. For example: your driver wants the number 1 but there is already a kart registered with that number. You can add a letter and make the kart number “1A”.

Numbers can\’t be more than 3 digits and must be at least 10 inches tall and located on the both sides of the kart and wing with an additional smaller number plate on the back of the kart (see examples). See Kart Rules 2.6 KART NUMBERS for more details.















Letters may be no less than half the size of the number.


 Hint: that really cool graphics/color scheme you are thinking about getting may look great during Hot Laps, but when the lights come on does the kart number blend in with the flames? Okay, I’m really just being nice and I plead with you to carefully consider your color schemes when splurging on the custom graphics! Your kid may have the coolest kart on the track, but could lose points if we can’t read the number.

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